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High Speed
Lamination Machine


Slitting Rewinding

 Manual Slitting Rewinding Machine
 Semi Automatic Slitting Rewinding Machine 
 Fully Automatic High Speed Slitting Rewinding Machine


High Speed
Inspection Rewinding


High Speed
Doctoring Rewinding


Coating Machine


Coating Machine

Krishna Engineering Works manufactures, exports & supplies all types of Coating Machine for varied Coating Machine from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We have been successfully manufacturing, exporting & supplying all types of Coating Machine since last 25 years from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are winner of 3 times National Award and 2 times International Award for Quality manufacturing. For Coating Machine, we have processed all types of material like Polyester, BOPP, LD, Aluminum Foil, PVC, Paper, Film, etc. We have more than 75 installations of Coating Machine in India and overseas like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, etc.

Range Of Coating Machines Available:
  • Silicon Coating Machine
  • Platinum coating machine
  • Gum coating machine for sticker sheet
  • Paper Coating Machine
  • VMCH Coating Machine
  • PVDC Coating Machine
  • Pilot Coating Machine
  • DG Coating Machine

  • Heavy duty side M.S. steel walls to ensure vibration free running at high speed.
  • Foundation free base frame.
  • High velocity air blower for fast dying.
  • Good quality electronic input drives, motors, Tension Control System etc.
  • All free rollers are dynamically balanced.
  • Pneumatic functions for impression rolls.
  • Auto tension control.
  • Auto web aligner.
  • Careful quality control in manufacturing process to ensure years of maintenance free running.


Working Speed

140 M/min to 200 m/min                 

Max. Web width

600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm

Unwind Roll Dai.

600 / 800 mm

Rewind Roll Dai.

600 / 800 mm

Drying Section

Multi-zone arch type

Heat Source

Electrical / Hot Air

Coating Section

Gravure / Reverse Roll

Laminating Section

Chilling / Heating Roller with Pneumatic Nip Roll


Variable Speed: DC/AC

Unwind / Rewind

Simplex / Duplex



Effective Laminating Width

500mm ~ 3600mm

Max. Laminating Speed

100 ~ 150mpm

Max. Mechanical Speed


Diameter of Unwind / rewind


Diameter of roll core


Coating Layer quantity

Two Layers (Once)

Drying Source

Electric / Thermic Fluid/ Diesel Hot Air System


Ribbed Anti Vibration Cast Iron (C.I.) Body.

Unwind unit:
  • One No. * Simplex * Reel Stand of Center Winding Type
  • Maximum reel outer diameter up to 1000mm
  • Web Guide (Pneumo Hydraulic Trolley Type) is provided with one Automatic Centering Device.

Coating Unit:
  • Designed for hollow & integrated shaft type cylinders
  • Special bearing housing are provided to support the cylinder shaft locked mechanically on the unit side frame during operation.
  • Thickness of glue coating can be set using the Anilox roller and doctor blade mesh.
  • Three side view open to see the web from three different directions while in operation.

Drying unit:
  • Designed for Electric , Thermic Fluid , Diesel Hot Air System ( Please Specify)
  • In cooperated with Special Nozzle Drying System featuring constant width continuous slot.
  • Backing rollers to support the web in opposite position with respect to each nozzle.

Coating nip unit:
  • Pneumatically loaded pressure application
  • Consist of
  • One No. Steel Draw Roll duly hard chrome plated
  • One No. Pneumatically loaded Rubber Roll assembly dynamically balanced.

Rewind station:
  • Surface Rewind Station
  • Maximum reel outer diameter up to 1000mm
  • Improved Design
  • Lower Wastage
  • Minimum Downtime
  • Increased Output
  • Lower Input Cost

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